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Student Restrooms Receive a Facelift with VERGE® Natural Quartz and Granite Multi-User Lavatories, AERADA® Faucets and NAVIGATOR® Thermostatic Mixing Valves


Did anyone see the movie, TRADING PLACES with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd? There is a scene early on where Louis, (Akroyd), is being released from custody after his rigged arrest and he is accosted by Ophelia, (Jamie Lee Curtis), on the steps of a Philadelphia Police station. Surprise! That building is actually the third Philadelphia Mint built in 1901 and operated continuously until it was replaced in 1969. This grand structure situated between 1600 and 1700 Spring Garden St. was destined for the wrecking ball when in 1972 it was donated by the United States Treasury Department to the Community College of Philadelphia. Since that time the college has grown substantially and now maintains a center city campus covering approximately four square blocks with a non resident enrollment of approximately 35,000 students.

As with many older structures, the existing toilet rooms in the complex were equipped with a variety of china lavatories with a variety of faucets. Desiring to make much needed improvements, the college commissioned the firm of DCM Architecture & Engineering of Camden, NJ in early 2010 to upgrade the existing student and faculty toilet rooms in the four main buildings. Eduardo Guzman, President of DCM contacted Kenneth Rinear of Keystone Sales & Associates the Philadelphia area representatives for a presentation on the available lavatory systems offered by Bradley. At a meeting in the architect’s office, Rinear showed samples of the newly introduced “EVERO” line of “VERGE” natural quartz and granite systems.


After a presentation to the college, Guzman notified Rinear that the two and three station “VERGE” units with the “AERADA 1200” capacitive sensing faucet and “NAVIGATOR S59-4000A” individual point of use thermostatic mixing valve had been selected for the student toilet rooms while the faucet and mixing valve only would be used to retrofit the existing china lavatories in the faculty toilet rooms.

With a contract awarded in late April, 2010, Bradley began fabrication of 31-2 station and 17-3 station systems, as well as 177 individual faucets and thermostatic mixing valves.

The material was ordered the third week of April and shipped complete the second week of May.

A successful installation on time and on budget.