KSA Announces Expansion of ComfortPro Offerings into N & S Carolina

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Expansion moves KSA closer to becoming one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest PHVAC manufacturers’ rep

(Pottstown, PA – September 26, 2018) At the start of 2018, Keystone Sales & Associates (KSA) owner and CEO, Bob Della Sala, said that the company was dedicated to quickly becoming one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest PHVAC manufacturers’ representative.

The most recent milestone in achieving their goal came this week with the announcement that KSA is expanding its representation of the ComfortPro pex tubing product offerings into North and South Carolina effective immediately.

“We’ve been in this game since 1973,” said Della Sala. “Our philosophy has never changed – put the customer first, and the rest falls into place.”

ComfortPro, a division of Sioux Chief,  shares KSA’s philosophy in that it is convenient one-stop-shop for several essential product categories- radiant, plumbing, and pre-insulated pex pipe.  By selling energy saving comfort and peace of mind through an integrated whole house plumbing, and heating system, ComfortPro has distinguished itself as a nationwide industry leader.

“As our relationship with ComfortPro continues to evolve, we will bring more value to wholesalers and contractors through collaborative ongoing education ventures,” said Della Sala. “We’ve had great success doing this with our other vendors and will blaze a new path with ComfortPro.”

A major part of KSA’s customer-focused value proposition is the organization’s commitment to on-going industry training and advancement. At Keystone University, located at the company’s Pottstown, PA headquarters, each training programs is designed by top-level industry pros to enhance knowledge of industry trends, best practices, and new products. All programs at Keystone U are free of charge to all PHVAC industry professionals.

To learn more about the latest ComfortPro offerings available through KSA, call 1-800-220-1025 or visit uskeystonesales.com.

About Keystone Sales & Associates:

Established in 1973, Keystone Sales & Associates (KSA) is the premier manufacturers’ representative for Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning products in the Mid-Atlantic region. Headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, the company is experiencing rapid growth and expansion by offering a large selection of related products from a single source. As a value-added supplier, KSA provides distributors and contractors with customer support and hands-on technical training through its professional development arm, Keystone University.