Our Vendors

World leader in surface drainage solutions, trench former, PolyDrain, first flush
Innovative reliable flush valve and faucet design. AMTC’s Patented BRV® Activation Mechanism. Meets Challenging Health Care Requirements. Manual, Battery, AC, Solar and Hydro-Generator Applications
An advanced electronic physical water conditioner that has been used for the treatment of hard water in the UK and the rest of the world since 1993
PP-RCT heat fusion pipe and fittings, for hydronic, potable water and recycled water systems cast fittings up to 12”
Arzel ZoningManufacture of Residential and Commercial Industry Leading zoning controls and dampers with the only Industry lifetime warranty
Turbo-Flue design water heaters. Oil, gas and dual fuel ASME commercial water heaters, Combi water heaters and storage tanks. Opti-Therm high efficiency modulating tank type water heaters.
High Efficiency Gas Fired Tankless Water Heaters Energy Star Rated GreenStar Boilers and Combi Systems. Innovative WashBar Technology
Residential Oil Fired Warm Air Furnaces. Commercial and Industrial Oil, Gas and Dual Fuel Fired Furnaces. (NJ Only)
Innovative Solutions: Washfountains, Showers, Emergency, Hospital and Security Plumbing Fixtures TMV Controls Solid Surface Lav Systems Commercial Washroom Accessories. SST Stainless Steel Modulating Condensing Commercial Boilers; Indirect Water Heaters, Control Systems, Hydronic Components.
World Standard in Hydronic Heating; Cast Iron Residential and Commercial Boilers. High efficiency energy and top rated technology, Heat pumps along with 80+ and 96+ condensing furnace.
Hydronic Solutions Manufacturer of High-Quality Components for the Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Heat Metering and Renewable Energy Systems Industry; Complete Solar Water Heating Packages. Electronic Mixing Stations and Hot Water Recirculation Control Components
Industry’s Technological Leader in Oil and Gas, Residential and Commercial Burners, Controls and Ignitors
AquaHeat AquaSeal Terra Pex Complete Line of Plumbing and Heating Pex Products. Up to 4” Barrier and Non-Barrier Pex Pipe; Detailed Computer Design Packages for Radiant Heating and SIM Projects; Terra Pex Pre-insulated One and Two Pipe Barrier Pex.up to 4”
Cover Guard – Expandable Line Set Cover System. 4” and 5½” Systems with Full Line of Fittings.
The largest independent American manufacturer of quality shower and bath enclosures
Labor Saving Preformed Radiant Slab Floor Back Insulation Panels
A Family-Owned Manufacturer of Plumbing & Heating Valves and Specialties for the Hydronic Industry; Products, Which Meet or Exceed CSA, IAPMO, and NSF Requirements, are Engineered as Practical Real-World Solutions for Plumbers and Contractors
Manufacturer of Trench drains, Slot drain, Radius trench drains, Stainless steel trench drains, and utility trenches
Restaurant Application Fans. Residential Bathroom and Kitchen Exhaust Systems. Dryer Booster Systems. HRV and ERV Systems. Radon Remediation Systems.
HaVACo - Designs and manufactures quality plastic air distribution products. USA made
Haydon Corp.Industry Leading Supplier of Residential and Commercial Baseboard. Complete Line of Strut Metal Framing Components. Engineered Roof Support Systems. All Certified Made In USA
Hydrolevel - Proven Technology in Temperature, Limit/Low Water Cut-off Combinations, Low Water Cut-offs for Steam and Hot Water Boilers, Fuel Saving FUEL SMART Controls.
Industry Leading Uniquely Designed Electric Tankless Water Heaters for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications Including Emergency Fixtures and Hydronic Heating
KrauseManufacturers of Attainable; Dynamic Plumbing Centerpieces & Accessories that Evoke the Peace and Luxury of European Spas
LUX – Thermostats Programmable and Wi-Fi enabled. Control your home’s heating and cooling from anywhere.
SootMaster Furnace Vacuums HEPA Vacuums
Nantucket - High quality kitchen and bathroom sinks and accessories.
Waterproofing and Joint Control Membrane Materials; Heating and Fire Protection System Anti-Freeze Compounds; Pre-formed Tile Shower Bases; Wall Niche Forms and Linear Drain Systems
From dehumidifiers of various capacities to an assortment of portable; window, and through the wall air conditioning units, Perfect Aire® offers products suited to a wide range of cooling and dehumidifying needs.
Rehau – Complete line of PEXa pipe for plumbing and hydronic heating.. The next generation fitting system featuring secure plumbing connections from start to finish. Industry leading systems for mechanical and plumbing.
Uniclamp - The innovative, patented, universal size, tool free clamp system that’s as easy to use as Place Twiist & Strap.