Keystone Sales & Associates (KSA) announces the hiring of two new teammates in the North & South Carolina region – Dennis Wilkins & Grayson Turner. Their employment is effective immediately.

Because of the explosive demand in North and South Carolina, we’ve expanded and brought on two well-known & talented members of the HVAC industry. They will be accompanying the South region team which includes Paul Thieberger, Bob Moore & Paul DeChristopher.

Dennis Wilkins has been in the construction industry for many years – starting when he was only 16 years old! He’s had experience in almost everything from carpentry, plumbing, and electrical to ground-up projects. He went back to school in 2010 to pursue a career in HVAC & helped build a 2-million-dollar company in Atlanta from scratch in just 5 years. In 2017, Dennis and his family moved to South Carolina where he worked for a distributor in tech support and training. He also hosts an HVAC podcast to get even more involved in the industry. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 19 years and two children, golfing, & cooking almost anything on his smoker.

“I am looking forward to being a part of the Keystone Team and changing the trade industry one contractor at a time,” said Dennis. “Dennis is a very passionate learner, trainer, and Great Ambassador for the HVAC Industry. He will be a great addition to our Team in the Carolina’s,” says President & CEO, Bob DellaSala.


In addition, we’ve added another Outside Sales associate to the Carolina’s, Grayson Turner. Grayson has been in the HVAC distribution sales, management, and logistics in the Foothills of Western North Carolina for over 13 years. He has cultivated relationships with customers and vendors through his passion for connecting with people. In his free time, you can find him with his loving wife & two daughters at the beach, on the golf course, or hanging by the pool.

“Grayson is self-motivated, a quick learner, and very competitive. He will be a great addition to our sales team in the Carolina’s,” says President & CEO, Bob DellaSala. “I am very excited to join the Keystone Sales team and I look forward to utilizing my skills and experience to bring value to this team!” says Grayson.


About Keystone Sales & Associates:

Established in 1973, Keystone Sales & Associates (KSA) is the premier manufacturers’ representative for Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning products in the Mid-Atlantic region. Headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, the company is experiencing rapid growth and expansion by offering a large selection of related products from a single source. As a value-added supplier, KSA provides distributors and contractors with customer support and hands-on technical training through its professional development arm, Keystone University.

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Section 179 Tax Deduction

For the 2016 tax year, the Section 179 Tax Deduction Limit has been raised back to $500,000, the increased level in effect in 2013 and is not reduced until the cost of section 179 property placed in service exceeds $2 Million.

Understanding The Section 179 Deduction. Click this link to see how Section 179 can benefit your business in 2016.

What you should know:

  • 2016 is a great year to buy and save on used machinery!
  • 2016 Expense Deduction Limit has been raised to $500,000
  • 2016 Limit on Capital Purchases = $2 Million
    Section 179 Threshold for total of equipment & software that can be purchased has increased to $2 Million (threshold would have been only $500,000 prior to the new legislation).
  • 2016 Bonus Depreciation = 50%
    The new law allows 50% “Bonus Depreciation” on qualified assets placed in service during 2013 and 2014.

Please note:

  • Section 179 Deduction applies to most new and used capital equipment, and also includes certain software.
  • Bonus Depreciation only applies to new equipment (no used equipment, no software)

When applying these provisions, Section 179 is generally taken first, followed by Bonus Depreciation – unless the business has no taxable profit in the given tax year.

Sample Savings*

Original Equipment Cost: $500,000

2016 Potential Tax Savings: $175,000

Final Equipment Cost: $325,000

Cash Savings on Equipment Purchase: $175,000

*Assuming a 35% tax qualifying purchase

 This information does not constitute tax advice. Please check with your tax advisor on how this applies to your business.